Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Says Breakup Was Necessary


Blink-182’s latest album, Neighborhoods, drops Sept. 27

Blink-182’s music is usually all fun and games, which is why fans were shocked when the band went through a tumultuous breakup around 2005. The split was so messy and so hurtful, it seemed the trio would never get back together.

Thankfully, the guys reunited in 2009. Bass player Mark Hoppus says the break made the guys stronger, and he’s glad it happened. Being away helped Blink realize what they have in each other.

“I think it was really necessary for it to happen,” Hoppus told “It worked out in a really bitter and ugly manner, with a lot of animosity, a lot of ill will going around. But we had to get to this place by going through that disaster. I think we all learned about Blink, we all learned about ourselves and each other and really came to terms with who we are as a band.”

Hoppus says his relationship with guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge has changed dramatically since the band first got together. That’s another way of saying, the guys are grownups now. “It’s very different now,” he said. “Tom and I are still great friends, but when we started out we were kids touring in a van and with a singularity of purpose that we just wanted to play music as fast and as loud as we could. Now we are grown men with families. We still love touring and playing as fast and as loud as we can, of course, but we’re in a different place than we were before, we’re not stuck in a van together for 24 hours a day, we can take breaks and see our families and go on the road and act stupid out there.”

Neighborhoods, which is the sixth full-length from Blink-182, is out on Tuesday (Sept. 27) via Geffen. The video for the album’s first single, “Up All Night,” is one big party.




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