As I Lay Dying Interview: Jordan Mancino on Mayhem + ‘Awakened’


Story by Anne Erickson

Audio Ink Radio exclusive: As I Lay Dying drummer talks band’s upcoming album and playing Mayhem this summer

As I Lay Dying are taking part in this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, and Audio Ink Radio caught up with the metal-core gents on the Detroit Rock City date of the tour to talk about the band’s new album, “Awakened,” out Sept. 25 on Metal Blade. Drummer Jordan Mancino chatted about working with legendary producer Bill Stevenson on the new album, what fans can expect from the band’s Mayhem set and his take on being a Christian making metal music. For more on As I Lay Dying, visit the band’s official website.

You worked with Bill Stevenson on your upcoming album, “Awakened,” who is known for his work in punk bands, such as the Decedents and Black Flag. What did he bring to the table?

A lot! He brought a different perspective, but we also felt that he understood and connected with our music. We didn’t want someone who maybe had songwriting capabilities but didn’t understand what we were about. He understood that and also he’s a great songwriter and gave us a lot of really cool criticisms. He was able to pull that greatness out of us.

You’re on Mayhem a few months before the album hits stores. Are you giving fans a taste of the new songs on tour?

We’re only playing one new song off the new album, “Cauterize,” which we already released. Usually, we don’t like to play songs from upcoming releases until we actually have the music out there, because someone with a camera phone or something will take a bad shot of the new song and put it online, and the sound quality will be horrible, and we don’t want that to be the first impression. So, we’ve been playing that song [“Cauterize”] and a mix of the old and the new, all crammed into that half hour.

As I Lay Dying have a lot of fans in the Christian metal scene. How does your faith influence you music?

Whenever you have a foundation of beliefs that play a part in anything that you do, it’s going to impact it. I wouldn’t say it’s a Christian art, because I don’t feel like those two things can really coexist, if that makes sense. Like, if you’re Christian and a journalist, you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian journalist. We’re all Christians, but I don’t think because a band is made up of Christian members that you’re just a Christian band. We like to represent who we are on stage and provide a reality, but it’s not just for Christians. (Courtesy photo.)

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