Muse to Feature ‘Dancing Aliens’ on Upcoming Tour


Story by Anne Erickson

Muse are putting together a unique stage show for their upcoming tour

How wild and crazy are Muse planning to get on their upcoming tour? Let’s just say the alternative rock trio are planning a completely unique experience for fans on their upcoming tour. Aside from obviously hearing all the hits off the band’s new album, “The 2nd Law,” on Muse’s upcoming tour, the band says fans should prep for a killer production setup.

“On stage we’re going to have these huge upside-down pyramid which can turn itself inside out,” drummer Dom Howard told BBC News. “It represents the power hierarchy turned on its head.” Howard also said to expect from “dancing aliens,” explaining, “I’m going to do some kung fu and fend off some businessmen, who are losing their minds as they realize they’ve lost everyone’s money.”

Musically, Howard said the band really broke new ground on “The 2nd Law,” especially when it comes to the album’s variety. “I think this is the most diverse and eclectic and experimental album we’ve ever done,” he said.

“The 2nd Law” is almost here, and the band have uploaded a stream of every track on the album up on iTunes, so fans can hear it before they buy it. The stream will stay up until the album hits stores this Tuesday (Oct. 2).




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