Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme on New Album: It’s Not Going to Be Like the Last One


Story by Cat Badra

Muse bass player says the band’s follow-up to ‘The 2nd Law’ will involve some experimentation

It hasn’t even been a full year since Muse released their latest album, “The 2nd Law,” but the band has already been thinking hard about the follow-up. Bass player Chris Wolstenholme says the guys have toyed around with some ideas for new music while on the road in support of “The 2nd Law,” and while they haven’t written anything yet, he’s sure the new release will involved some experimentation.

“We’ve always been the kind of band that our albums have been relatively diverse, pretty much from the start, and…I think that’s what people expect us to do now,” Wolstenholme said in a recent interview with Australia’s FasterLouder. “They know when a new Muse album comes out, it’s not going to be like the last one. It’s going to have some twists and turns. It’s always going to be a shock.”

Wolstenholme also added that he would like to lend his vocals to the new album, as he did in the songs “Save Me” and “Liquid State” on “The 2nd Law.” He explained, “I think [singing] one or two songs is fine, you know. Hopefully it’s something I’ll do more of. I’d have to write some songs first, but the thing is if the songs are good enough then hopefully they’ll go on the next album.”



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