Incubus’ Mike Einziger Says Band Will Record New Album ‘When It Feels Good to Us’


Story by Cat Badra

Mike Einziger says Incubus plan to record their eighth studio album at some point

Incubus may be taking a lengthy hiatus, but the alternative rockers have solid plans to get back together and make a new album. According to guitarist Mike Einziger, new music is on the forefront of the band’s mind right now, even though nothing is set in stone when it comes to a date.

“It’s just a matter of time,” Einziger told Hit Fix. “We’ve been a band for 21 years and it’s been a long time. At some point, it has to feel new. There has to be a reason to make album [number eight]. We can do it when it feels good to us.”

The members of Incubus have kept plenty busy during their time off. Einziger has been hard at work with Hans Zimmer, working on the score for “The Lone Ranger.” Einziger also co-wrote the new single “Wake Me Up” with DJ Avicii. Meanwhile, frontman Brandon Boyd is on target to release the debut album with his new side project, “Sons of the Sea,” on Tuesday (Sept. 24). Boyd released a four-track EP with the project earlier this year.



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