Blink-182 to Record New Album in an ‘Environment that’s Different,’ Says Tom DeLonge


Story by Cat Badra

Tom DeLonge says Blink-182 plan to get experimental with their new album

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge is busy with his side band Angels & Airwaves at the moment and just released a new album, “The Dream Walker,” with the project. Still, that doesn’t mean Blink-182 is done. The guys plan to regroup to make a new album in the future, but DeLonge says they won’t be doing things the normal way.

“I’m not totally sure how it’s going to work but the goal is to find an area or an environment that’s different and not just a normal studio to be together as [we] architect the songs and inspire each other in ways that we did back in that time frame,” DeLonge tells Gigwise. “I think if we can pull off those few things we’ll be in really, really good shape.”

DeLonge explained the process of putting together the upcoming album reminds him of Blink-182’s 2003 set, “Untitled,” which is considered one of the band’s most experimental offerings.

“We’ve always done what we liked,” DeLonge said, “and on the ‘Untitled’ record there was a lot of debate where we thought our fans wouldn’t even like it, but I think we succeeded by sticking to what we wanted to do, and it turned out to be the one that the fans like the most.”

As for Angels & Airwaves, in addition to the new album, DeLonge also plans to release novels, comic books and a film as part of the project in 2015.



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