Chris Cornell Talks ‘Higher Truth’ and New Soundgarden Music


Story by Anne Erickson

Chris Cornell says Soundgarden are working on new music

Chris Cornell is prepping to release a new solo album called “Higher Truth,” and the truth of the matter is that he and producer Brendan O’Brien performed most of the instruments on the album themselves. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Cornell explained he wanted the album “to be intimate and small and so I didn’t want to hire a band.”

“I also know how Brendan works,” Cornell added. “He’s very focused and very quick and he always makes the right choices. Some of it was a leap of faith for me, but everything I wanted to get out of our relationship I got and none of the fears I had came to fruition at all. I feel like I got pretty lucky.”

Cornell worked with O’Brien before on Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” and Audioslave’s “Revelations.”

A few other musician contributed to select tracks, including former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain, pianist Patrick Wong and violinist Anne-Marie Simpson.

“Higher Truth” is out Sept. 18. Cornell will kick off a North American tour to support the album that same day in San Diego.

Meanwhile, Cornell and the guys of Soundgarden are working behind the scenes.

“We’re already working on new material for an album,” Cornell told the publication. “And then I’ve got several other irons in the fire and things going that I won’t mention now. There’s a lot of things coming in addition to ‘Higher Truth,’ as well as a new Soundgarden album.”



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