Interview: Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro Discusses ‘Dark Adrenaline’


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Interview: Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro discusses the metal band’s new full-length, ‘Dark Adrenaline’

Lacuna Coil broke on the scene in the late-’90s with their self-titled EP, and since then, the Italian goth-metal outfit have proven they’re in it for the long haul. With spellbinding atmospheres and operatic vocals, Lacuna Coil have created their own genre of symphonic metal, and they have the legions of fans to go with it.

Lacuna Coil’s sixth studio album, “Dark Adrenaline,” drops Tuesday (Jan. 24) in the U.S. via Century Media. The album’s first single, “Trip the Darkness,” is an melodic metal nugget that brings together the finest of the Italian metal band’s songwriting and craft. Lacuna Coil are also lacing up for the 2012 Gigantour, which has them playing alongside Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat starting the end of January. Lacuna Coil co-vocalist Andrea Ferro spoke exclusively with Audio Ink Radio about the new album and the band’s goal of creating a heavier, more powerful sound.

Lacuna Coil’s new album, “Dark Adrenaline,” drops Jan. 24, and you worked with producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine) on the release, who produced your last album, “Shallow Life.” What makes Gilmore an apt fit for Lacuna Coil?

We started working with him on the previous album, and that was the first time we changed producers. He’s been very helpful to learn a lot of about lyrics writing and arranging songs in a different way, because he’s more of a traditional metal producer. We experimented with a lot of stuff on that record [“Shallow Life”] and learned to manage even better with this one. We wanted to work with Don again, because we know each other better now. We know where need and don’t need him.

We wanted a sound more metal and heavy and powerful on this record, and he’s great for that. He’s the guy who can tell you when it’s time to chill out and take a break, and he’s always the guy who can be very professional, too. It’s a very good experience working with him.

What’s the meaning behind the album’s title, “Dark Adrenaline?”

The title comes from a couple of years when we were having negative experiences in our personal lives. Nothing crazy; just normal things– having problems with a girlfriend, having a friend pass away,” he said. “It was all negative, and we felt negativity around us and we wanted it to use it for a more powerful outcome. We were coming from a dark place, and we had adrenaline energy coming out of that.

How would you describe the musical chemistry between you and singer Cristina Scabbia?

I think it is something that we have been developing album after album. The more we have worked together, the more we have found the right way to use our unique voices and compliment each other and find a good balance in the way that we use the vocals. We never sat down and said, “Okay, we have to sing this way.” We do what fits better for the song and what fits for the strongest melodies.

Lacuna Coil are going out on the Gigantour this January through March along with Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat! Have you toured with these bands before, or will it be new faces?

We just toured with Megadeth in Australia, and Static-X was on the tour, too. We know Dave [Mustaine, Megadeth frontman] and have a good relationship with him and the other guys, so we’re looking forward to going back and touring with that legendary band. We’re looking forward to Volbeat and Motorhead, too. We’re excited because it’s our first tour to start the album cycle; our album comes out a few days before the start of the tour.

What are you most looking forward to when it comes to this tour?

Basically, to have the reaction of the people hearing the new songs. That’s one of the most challenging things, and we’re really excited to put these songs out there and see peoples’ reactions. (Photo credit: Katja-Kuhl.)



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