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Review by Anne Erickson

Watch Evanescence’s latest music video for ‘My Heart is Broken’

Evanescence are known for their dramatic, dark music videos, and Amy Lee and the crew continue that tradition with their latest video for “My Heart is Broken,” off the band’s self-titled release. Watch the daring new video at the end of the page.

Amid chugging guitars, “My Heart is Broken” begins with Lee lying on a dark floor, draped in a flowing, beige dress that looks like something of a tattered wedding gown. In her hands, she holds a beam of light, and she inspects this small treasure as her band mates rock out with live shots in the distance. “I pulled away to face the pain / I close my eyes and drift away / Over the fear that I will never find / A way to heal my soul / And I will wander ’til the end of time / Torn away from you,” Lee cries.

As the video continues, Lee passes to various other spots, from in a starlit corn field to her most familiar place at a grand piano. The video carries a dreamlike, 1920s cinema character, thanks in great part to uber-director Dean Karr, who has also sat in the director’s chair for videos by metal bands Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden.

Lee’s signature style is to sing to the timbers, and her gutsy bluster really comes through on “My Heart is Broken.” Along with her band mates, Lee manages to shake with drama but hold bright, vibrant colors and a memorable melody. The chorus’ lyrics are yearning, in true Evanescence tradition: “My heart is broken / Sweet sleep, my dark angel / Deliver us from sorrow’s hold / Over my heart!”

With spectacle and lots of hard rock, “My Heart is Broken” stands up beside any of Evanescence’s videos and serves as a reminder that this Arkansas group know how to bring layers of emotion into their works. Extra: Watch Evanescence perform two high-octane songs on “Conan,” here. (Photo via Vevo video.)

Ink Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Guitar Gauges

Watch Evanescence’s Music Video for ‘My Heart is Broken’:


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