Tool’s Danny Carey Gives Drumming Tips


Story by Anne Erickson

Tool’s Danny Carey says a great drummer should ‘participate in the musical experience’

Tool and Volto drummer Danny Carey is one heck of a drummer. Listen to any seven-plus minute track from the band Tool, and it’s obvious Carey’s drumming helps propel the music and keep it interesting and spontaneous. Now, Carey is speaking with Mandala Drum about what makes a great drummer. Watch the video interview, which includes footage or Carey behind the kit, below.

“I never wanted just to play beats. I always wanted to play the songs, and I think that any good drummer plays music, he doesn’t play beats,” Carey explains in the Mandala video. “You participate in the musical experience and anticipate the chord changes and anticipate the arrangements and set things up. It’s a logical progression.

“When you go through a song, people are prepared, and that’s your job, to kind of set up these nuances and the changes as the music progresses… lead people into the new space.”

Carey, who jokes he’s a “wanna be basketball player” in the video, says that the drums have many possibilities– many more than just simple beats. “The drums can get pretty boring as a solo instrument, but if you play the right things and support the music and play songs rather than beats, they have infinite possibilities. They can take people to other places.”

Tool are currently working on a new studio album. Let’s hope it comes quick.

Watch Tool’s Danny Carey Talk Drumming with Mandala Drum:




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