Black Stone Cherry Guitarist Ben Wells Discusses New Single, ‘Me and Mary Jane’ – Exclusive


Story by Cat Badra

Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry says the band’s new single, ‘Me and Mary Jane,’ is simply a fun song

Southern rockers Black Stone Cherry have a hot new rock radio tune in “Me and Mary Jane,” which currently sits at No. 16 on Nielsen BDS’ mainstream rock chart. The song comes off the band’s just-release full-length, “Magic Mountain,” and features Black Stone Cherry’s characteristic rowdy guitar licks and twang-y vocals.

Guitarist Ben Wells says “Me and Mary Jane” is simply a fun song– one that shows the happier side of Black Stone Cherry.

“We wrote it last summer,” Wells told Audio Ink Radio. “When it’s winter, we write more serious songs, but when spring and summer come around, it feels like you want to have fun, so that’s when we want to write party songs, because we’re ready to have a good time. As a band, we have a serious side and a fun side, too.”

Growing up, Wells says he was influenced by a variety of rock bands, but one in particular: Aerosmith. “I’m a huge Aerosmith fan,” he said. “I got into them at a very young age as well. They’re the total package, as far as a rock band. Aerosmith along with Elvis, those were the biggest influences. Those were pivotal to me.”

Earlier this year, Black Stone Cherry was on the road with Seether, playing clubs across North America. “We like their band and their music, and we like them as people, so it helps when you have that combination,” Wells said regarding touring with Seether. Now, Black Stone Cherry are staring at a summer of more touring in support of “Magic Mountain.” View the band’s upcoming roster via Black Stone Cherry’s official website.



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