A Perfect Circle New Album Update: We’re Going to Be Finished Imminently, Says Billy Howerdel

Story by Anne Erickson, photo credit Tim Cadiente

As 2018 kicks off, many A Perfect Circle fans are counting down the days until the band’s new album drops. The first bit of news came on New Year’s Day, when the group unleashed a new song, “Disillusioned,” as the second single off the upcoming set, following last year’s new single, “The Doomed.” Now, guitarist Billy Howerdel is giving more insight into when the full collection from A Perfect Circle might surface, stating that the guys should finish up work on the set in “the next several weeks.”

Howerdel discussed A Perfect Circle’s upcoming album and 2018 itinerary as a guest on “2 Hours with Matt Pinfield.” In the interview, he stated, “We are gonna be finished imminently. I’d say in the next several weeks we will be done with this record. But everything exponentially happened quicker and quicker towards the end. I think we’re just getting my studio back on from being on the road.”

As for where frontman Maynard James Keenan is with laying down vocals for the tracks, Howerdel said, “We are certainly past the half way point, and I’d say Maynard’s probably further along than I am musically. At least with the finished tracks. The songs are there but there’s tidying up to do there on some stuff there.”

So, what about a possible release date? “Well, the second quarter (April – June) is when we’ve always been on track to put out this album,” Howerdel explained. The album’s title has yet to be revealed, but for now, let’s just be satisfied with confirmation that the new album – A Perfect Circle’s first since 2004’s “Emotive” – is coming soon.

Publication date: January 15, 2018



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