System of a Down Thank Fans for ‘Incredible Support’ of New Songs to Benefit Armenia


System of a Down have released a statement thanking fans for their support after the debut of the band's new songs to benefit Armenia.

System of a Down – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Clemente Ruiz

System of a Down are appreciate to fans for helping them raise funds for the Armenia Fund

System of a Down have released a statement thanking fans for their support after the release of the band’s new songs “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” to benefit Armenia. The songs, which marked the first new tracks from System of a Down in 15 years, were unleashed last week during the violent war between the band’s home country of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which received military assistance from Turkey, over Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Artsakh.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your incredible support of our campaign for the people of Artsakh, and for helping us raise over $600K in donations to provide for those in dire need via the Armenia Fund,” the band said in the collective statement. “Because of you, we will be able to help displaced civilians, young and old, who are affected by the hideous war crimes inflicted upon Artsakh by Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

In addition to the statement, System posted a new video discussing the history behind the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. “To the four of us, it’s extremely important to share these truths with you,” the band says in the clip. “It is for our ancestors, our culture, and our nation.”

The latest development in the Armenia-Azerbaijan happened earlier this week, when Russia brokered a peace deal between the two countries. The peace agreement is taken as a victory for Azerbaijan.

“The battles may have stopped for now but the injustice continues,” the band states at the beginning of the video.
“Over 100,000 Armenians are displaced from Artsakh requiring humanitarian aid. Please help us spread awareness about this humanitarian catastrophe and raise much needed funds for them.”



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