Boston Drummer John ‘Sib’ Hashian Passes Away


Story by Audio Ink Radio Staff

Ex-Boston drummer John ‘Sib’ Hashian has passed away at the age of 67

Former Boston drummer John “Sib” Hashian has passed away at the age of 67. The news broke earlier today (March 23), and according to TMZ, Hashian was performing on the Legends of Rock Cruise when he had a heart attack and was unable to be revived. According to the report, he passed away yesterday (March 22).

Sib Hashian became a member of the longstanding classic rock band Boston in 1975, taking the place of the band’s original drummer, Jim Masdea. He performed on Boston’s popular first two studio albums, 1976’s self-titled release and 1977’s “Don’t Look Back.” He was also part of Boston’s third studio album, 1986’s “Third Stage,” but was replaced by Masdea during that album’s recording process.

After his time in Boston, Hashian played drums with a range of other bands and musical projects, including Ernie and the Automatics with former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau. Goudreau was also part of the Legends of Rock Cruise.

Sib is survived by his son, Adam, and two daughters, Asa and Lauren Hashian. Lauren is the girlfriend of actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Lauren and Dwayne have a daughter together.



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