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Anne Erickson,


Anne Erickson, managing editor/head writer
Anne is a longtime author, journalist and radio host in the field of music and lifestyle. Her bylines have appeared in Consequence of Sound/Consequence,, and many more outlets. She also hosts numerous music and sports podcasts and has won an Associated Press award. Anne is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she earned both her undergrad and master’s degrees. Contact her at

Charles Ken, senior staff writer
Charles Ken is a graduate of Michigan State University where he studied writing and history. He’s a longtime music buff and covers classic rock for Audio ink Radio and a variety of other outlets. Contact him at

Cat Badra, senior staff writer
Cat Badra is a writer and an author for Audio Ink Radio and a range of other music, sports and lifestyle publications. She’s a graduate of Michigan State University with a master’s degree in theater and speech. Contact her at

Scarlett Hunter, staff writer
Scarlett Hunter has written for a variety of publications, covering rock, metal, alternative and more. She’s also a drummer. Contact Scarlett at

Kevin Toby, contributor

Paula Chestnut, contributor

Additional contributors: Ken Settle, photographer and contributor; Ryan Schrotenboer, columnist and contributor; Zach Mason, columnist and contributor; Amy Bridges, contributor.