Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Talks New Album, ‘8’


Story by Charles Ken

Brandon Boyd approached recording vocals differently for Incubus’ upcoming album

Incubus are prepping a new album, called simply “8,” and the guys say working with producer Dave Sardy brought out a different side of the band. Notably, singer Brandon Boyd says Sardy pushed his vocals to a new level.

“He did not let me sleep on any part,” Boyd explained to Forbes of Sardy. “I did every part like a hundred times and he would kind of like brutalize my voice to the point where I would start to lose it towards the end of the day and he’d be like, ‘Just one more.’ Then that was the one he would use.”

Boyd added, “You can hear the strain in my voice on this album. As far as I can tell it’s never really been there. It sounds kind of cool ’cause he was able to unearth another layer of my voice as a singer.”

As for the motifs on “8,” Boyd says those revolve around the topics of “aging,” “obsolescence” and “paranoia.”

“Noticing patterns that have been repeated where you’re sort of waking up from repeated patterns,” he said. “Whether psychological or emotional patterns, attempting to want to break them perhaps and the sort of scariness and also the excitement of trying something brand new.”

“8” will arrive April 21. Incubus will kick off a North American tour with Jimmy Eat World on July 6 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Incubus ‘8’ Track List:
“No Fun”
“Nimble Bastard”
“State of the Art”
“When I Became a Man”
“Familiar Faces”
“Love in a Time of Surveillance”
“Make No Sound in the Digital Forest”
“Throw Out the Map”

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