Tool Post Mega Joke About New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Prog-rock band Tool teased fans with a post implying Sammy Hagar is subbing for Maynard on vocals

Fans are ready for a new Tool album, and some of them fell for a fun joke on April Fools’ Day regarding the new tunes. Maynard James Keenan and the guys posted a photo on social media suggesting that Sammy Hagar was stepping in to record vocals for the new album, since Keenan has been taking so long.

In the social media post, the Tool guys imply that Hagar is temporarily replacing Keenan, stating, “There seems to be this invisible speed limit we’ve been holding ourselves to. I believe Sammy can help us get all pistons firing and break some sound barriers.”

Keenan added in the post, “Sammy is the only vocalist I’m aware of that was able to take an already established Van Halen an even greater distance. Hopefully this shift will help speed things along.”

Of course, considering this post went up on April Fools’ Day and that Tool and Maynard James Keenan are notorious for such pranks, most fans called its bluff right away. It’s pretty difficult to imagine Hagar crooning Keenan’s parts on a Tool song.

In other news, Tool have confirmed that they’re working on new music. Back in February, the band’s webmaster posted a message stating the instruments had been given to Keenan to start working on recording vocals. It sounds like it’s almost there. Meanwhile, Keenan’s other band, A Perfect Circle, has confirmed a new album for 2017.



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