Iron Maiden Not Retiring, Says Guitarist Dave Murray


Story by Cat Badra

Iron Maiden plans to keep making music following their current world tour

With so many legendary bands calling it quits, everyone from Black Sabbath to Motley Crue, it’s a given that fans are wondering if Iron Maiden will retire following their “The Book of Souls” world tour.

That won’t happen, according to Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray. The guitarist says the band has plans to move forward after the tour.

“We’re not stopping after this tour; this isn’t the last tour by any means,” he said in an interview with The Press-Enterprise. “We’re going to finish this one out, which we’re having a lot of fun (doing), and then we’re going to take some time off and next year there’s going to be some surprises.”

From there, Murray commented on how he would feel if Iron Maiden did suddenly retire. He says, “If it was to finish tomorrow, I think I could say quite honestly that I’ve been very happy and very lucky and have done everything, enjoyed most of it, because of all the places we’ve traveled to, you’d never go there.”

“We’re lucky enough in that respect to see the world several times over by being on tour,” he added. “That in itself has been a great experience and also playing music and being able to express ourselves in a melodic form, an aggressive form and just have fun with that. The future, there’s still things to do so you just keep inventing new things all the time, try to create new things every day.”

Iron Maiden’s latest album, “The Book of Souls,” marked the band’s first double studio album. It debuted No. 1 in more than 40 counties and No. 4 in the U.S.



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