Never-Before-Released Nirvana Video Footage Surfaces


Story by Cat Badra

Watch a young Nirvana rock out in a newly-released video clip

Whenever some never-before-seen Nirvana footage pops up, it’s always an event.

Such is the case with a newly posted video of a young Nirvana filming a music video in RadioShack store in Aberdeen, Washington. The video dates back to 1988, and the video was for the group’s first studio demo. The footage is posted on YouTube.

When the video was filmed, Nirvana wasn’t even named Nirvana yet: The band’s moniker was Ted Ed Fred. Dave Grohl wasn’t even in the band yet. Melvins’ Dale Crover plays drums in the clip, while frontman Kurt Cobain and bass player Krist Novoselic play along.

Dave Grohl became a member of Nirvana in 1990, and the first studio album he played on was 1991’s “Nevermind.”

In other Nirvana-related news, Grohl’s band Foo Fighters has a new album on the horizon. “Concrete and Gold” is out Sept. 16, and the band has a lengthy tour ahead in support of the new tunes.



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