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Story of the Weak

Stef and Anne chat about touring with City of the Weak and more in this new interview

Minneapolis rockers City of the Weak are enjoying a busy 2017. Not only did the Minneapolis rockers perform at Rock USA and Rock Fest earlier this year, but City of the Weak are also on the Life is Beautiful tour with 9Electric. The band reaches The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday (Aug. 30). Ahead of the show, singer “Stef w/ an F” checked in with Audio Ink Radio to talk about the Minneapolis music scene, touring, the Life Is Beautiful Tour and more.

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The Life is Beautiful Tour is a great lineup. What are you most looking forward to about being on this trek?

Tours are always so much more fun when you get to be with another band. We’ve done so many tours alone that when we get to go out with others we get really, really excited. There is just so much more personality and good times involved.

After playing the first date, I also can’t wait to watch 9Electric every night. They really blew everyone out of the water. I was shocked at how great they were and it will be a treat to watch them perform every single night.

What’s life like on the road for you? 

Life on the road is super hectic. We try and minimize days off so we are playing and working as much as possible, so it’s basically drive, play, repeat. This tour is a month long, so sometimes it’s pretty exhausting, but we are workaholics, so we love it. 

We love everything about playing shows! Meeting new people, seeing old friends, making music, selling personalized merchandise, partying and staying up late talking to everyone in a brand new city. There’s nothing we don’t love.

“Ungrateful” is a hard-charging rock song. What’s the message behind the track?

“Ungrateful” asks the question of whether we learn not to love, or is it just a part of how we are programmed? We showed how bitter our hearts really are by filming the music video in -30 degree weather. We froze!

City of the Weak is out of Minneapolis. How would you describe the music scene there?

Minneapolis has a great music scene. There are always shows going on every single night, and a lot of really great bands are from Minneapolis. Personally, I feel like we lack in really solid rock venues, though. So many have closed over the years, or they are huge rooms, or 21+ only. We could definitely use more all ages, well-located, 200 capacity venues.

Have you played The Machine Shop before? It’s a legendary venue. 

We have heard so much about The Machine Shop, and I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve never played there. We are really excited to finally hit the stage there and meet the staff that keeps it running. There is so much hype around it, we can’t not be excited.

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