Otherwise Ready New Studio Album, ‘Sleeping Lions’


Story by Anne Erickson

Otherwise is fighting the ‘good fight’ with their new album

The guys of Otherwise are back with a new set of rock tunes, and the band is previewing the new album, “Sleeping Lions,” with not one but two new songs. “Angry Heart” and “Close to the Gods” are the new tunes, and both feature Otherwise’s trademark heavy guitars and soaring melodies. Both songs are available for digital download, and you can listen to the tune below.

Regarding the new album and song “Angry Heart,” singer Adrian Patrick explained in an official statement, “Personally, I’ve always felt like I was waging some kind of spiritual war, but I didn’t know why, until my sons were born. Those two beautiful boys have utterly redefined the ‘good fight’ for me.”

“Anger is a gift, if utilized properly,” he added, “and we plan to somehow make the world a slightly better place by using that righteous fire for positive goals.”

“Sleeping Lions” marks the fourth studio album from Otherwise and their follow-up to the 2014 studio album, “Peace at All Costs.” The new tunes will reach stories and online outlets on Sept. 22.

In other news, the Otherwise crew will hit the road on a crop of tour dates soon, including an appearance at Moonstock Music Festival in Carterville, Illinois. That festival – scheduled for Aug. 18 through 21 – also features Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and more.

‘Sleeping Lions’ Track List:

“Angry Heart”
“Sleeping Lions”
“Nothing to Me”
“Crocodile Tears”
“Close to the Gods”
“Dead in the Air”
“Beautiful Monster”
“Bloodline Lullaby”
“Won’t Stop”

Photo by Hristo Shindov