Metallica Asking Fans for Help with ‘…And Justice for All’ and ‘The Black Album’ Reissues


Story by Anne Erickson

If you have some Metallica swag, the guys want your help with their upcoming reissues

Metallica recently unleashed deluxe reissues for “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning,” and the guys have a reissue of “Master of Puppets” up ahead. Now, the Metallica crew is looking ahead to the next two studio albums in their catalog: 1988’s “…And Justice for All” and 1991’s self-titled album, also referred to as “The Black Album.”

If you’re a Metallica fan, the band wants your help in putting together the releases, too.

“We’re looking for anything and everything you might have from August 1987 through July 1993,” the band said in a statement. “Photos (taken by you!), flyers, ticket stubs, backstage passes and whatever other mementos you may have from that time.”

Metallica also asks anyone who interviewed the band members during that period that still has the recording to contact them.

Those looking to submit something may do so via the email address

“Nothing is too small or too trivial,” the band added. “Share your archives with your fellow fans and have some fun with us walking down memory lane.”

Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning” reissues dropped last year. The band’s “Master of Puppets” reissue set will hit stores on Nov. 10, just in time for Christmas. For information on the upcoming reissue, visit

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