Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Band Members Are Still ‘Fairly Normal People’


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Even with all of their success, the guys of Metallica stay grounded, says Lars Ulrich

Metallica is one of the biggest metal bands on the plant, but according to drummer Lars Ulrich, they haven’t let that get to their heads. Ulrich tells Kerrang! that even with all the fame and glory, he doesn’t think “our personalities have changed that much” over the years. In fact, he even thinks the guys of Metallica are somewhat “normal.”

“Given the circumstances, we’re fairly normal people — given the circumstances!” he told the publication. “We don’t have major basket cases in this band. The DNA and the wheelhouse, or whatever you want to call it, is intact. Within the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, we got lucky.”

Ulrich also said that while some famous musicians get jaded to new music and concerts, he doesn’t. Ulrich still gets a thrill from connecting with fans through music and all things Metallica.

“I absolutely still have this crazy thing about music and art in general,” he said. “When something speaks to me, I’ve got to shout about it from every rooftop, to envelop myself in it and share it. Ultimately, when all of this is gone, none of it means anything. The basic human need and function is to connect with other people. Nobody wants to be alone.”

So, how does he keep that energy high for discovery decade after decade? “I guess probably the ability to separate all this, maybe?” he said. “All of us in Metallica have done a really good job of keeping checks and balances. We allow ourselves to grow, we allow ourselves to experience and to continue on this journey, and despite all the 20,000-people shows, the honors or the platinum discs, it doesn’t mean you stop caring.”

He added, “When I hear a great song or see a great film, it turns me on. It’s a great question, and I’m not sure I have a soundbite answer for you, but that (fandom) hasn’t changed.”

Metallica recently announced a batch of new tour dates for their Hardwired WorldWired Tour. The trek is now scheduled to run through a March 13, 2019, date in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



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