Tool Previews New Song, ‘Descending’


Story by Cat Badra, promo photo by Tim Cadiente

Hear a preview of a new Tool song, ‘Descending’

Tool fans are patiently – or not so patiently – waiting for a new album from the progressive rock band, and while the clock tickets, the mysterious band has gifted fans with a brief preview of the new music they’re writing. In a promotional video for the band’s upcoming music clinic tour, Tool debuts some instrumentals for a new Tool song, named “Descending.”

Even though “Descending” is new to our ears, it’s not an entirely news song. Tool has been playing bits and pieces of the tune live since 2012. What’s different here is that the version of “Descending” in the promo video appears is a studio demo of sorts. The track is missing vocals from Maynard James Keenan, as he has yet to write and record his vocal lines for the new Tool tracks.

Tool recently took to their official website to announce that, at long last, new music was imminent. “After all the years of writing and arranging (and re-arranging) at the band’s loft, I can at this time officially report that the guys have moved into a major studio where the recording process for the next album is about to begin in earnest,” the band said on their official website. “For the past few days the band members have been getting sonically adjusted to their new surroundings – dialing in the equipment settings and restaurant catering choices – in preparation for Danny to begin his tracking any time now – perhaps by the time that you read this!”

Regardless of when it arrives, Tool’s new album will mark their much-anticipated follow-up 2006’s “10,000 Days.”

In other news, Tool guitarist Adam Jones, drummer Danny Carey and bass player Justin Chancellor are taking part in special music clinics across the country next month. In the sessions, the guys will discuss their writing and recording process and also talk to fans during Q&A sessions. The tour will kick off May 11 in St. Paul, Minnesota.



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