Linkin Park: Austin Carlile Denies Rumors He’s Joining the Band


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Austin Carlile, formerly of Of Mice & Men, is not joining Linkin Park

Former Of Mice & Men singer Austine Carlile is shooting down a rumor that he is becoming a member of Linkin Park, taking the place of late frontman Chester Bennington.

The rumors started when Carlile began teasing his big return to the music world, as he left the band back in 2016. He posted an Instagram Story that showed various clips of him performing, and one of the videos was him singing with Linkin Park.

In the clip, the words “It’s not over yet” and “The newest next chapter is coming” appear over the video footage. The second line hovers over the Linkin Park video.

Carlile has a history with Linkin Park. He would perform with Linkin Park when Of Mice & Men opened for the band on a European tour back in 2014. He also was present at Bennington’s private funeral. Those facts coupled with the fact Carlile posted this footage of him performing with Linkin Park made many fans wonder if he’s joining the band.

After an article was posted about the possibility, Carlile felt the need to respond, tweeting, “Chester is one in a billion. There’s no way myself or anyone else for that matter would ever be able to replace him. Performing ‘Faint’ every night on our European tour together & festivals stateside, was one of the most special memories of my career.”

“New project, yes. LP, no,” he concluded, forcefully ending any rumors to the contrary.

Right now, Linkin Park’s future is uncertain, as Bennington was such a crucial part of the band. The band performed together for a memorial show in October of 2017, but that has been the lone time the group has played together since Bennington’s tragic death.



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