Shinedown Releases Emotional Music Video for ‘GET UP’


Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Shinedown plans to release a music video for every song off their new album, and the latest clip is for ‘GET UP’

Shinedown has debuted the music video for “GET UP,” a song that appears on the group’s new album, “ATTENTION ATTENTION.” The video, which is streaming via YouTube, is powerful and communicates the song’s theme about battling depression.

Grontman Brent Smith tells HuffPost that he penned the lyrics to “GET UP” about bass player Eric Bass’ time dealing with depression. Smith says he was even a bit nervous the first time he played the demo of the song for Bass.

“I remember when it came at me in the speakers, it really, really affected me because as it was playing, I was just getting extremely emotional about it,” Smith said. “And it stopped. And I played it again. And I said, ‘You know what it’s about right?’ And Eric said, ‘Yeah, it’s about me.'”

Shinedown hopes “GET UP” also brings a hopeful spin to the issue of depression. Smith says he wanted the video to have “a tremendous amount of heart.”

“Of course, it’s an emotional video,” he said. “We wanted to make the video uplifting and not in a cheesy way.”

Shinedown plans to release a music video for every song off “ATTENTION ATTENTION.” “GET UP” is the third song off the set to get a music video, with “THE HUMAN RADIO” and “DEVIL” being the other two.

Shinedown is currently on the road in support of “ATTENTION ATTENTION” on a co-headlining tour with Godsmack. Like A Storm is also on the bill. Check out exclusive photos and a review of the tour here.



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