Starset Readies ‘Vessels 2.0’ Deluxe Album Set


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Steve Gullick

Starset, the guys behind ‘Monster’ and ‘Satellite,’ are back with a new, deluxe edition of their 2017 album, ‘Vessels’

Space rocker Starset has announced a deluxe edition of their popular 2017 album, “Vessels.” The collection, simply called “Vessels 2.0,” will hit stores on Sept. 28.

“Vessels 2.0” will feature 24 tracks, including the original album and reworked songs, remixes and acoustic versions of songs. The band has already released a new version of the Vessels song “Bringing It Down” now on digital outlets.

“Vessels,” the 2017 full-length album from Starset, spawned the hit rock singles “Monster” and “Satellite.” The guys haven’t announced any details on the follow-up to the set yet.

Starset isn’t just known for their music– they’re known for their music videos. The band has notched more than 1 billion YouTube views. Singer Dustin Bates told Audio Ink Radio of that YouTube showing, “It’s really cool. A lot of that is generated by our fans that used our music as soundtrack music for their own content, and we’re thrilled by that. It’s amazing that people choose our music for their own content.”

Starset’s ‘Vessels 2.0’ Track List:

“The Order”
“Die for You”
“Into the Unknown”
“Gravity of You”
“Back to the Earth”
“Last to Fall”
“Bringing It Down”
“Bringing It Down” (Version 2.0)
“Die for You” (Acoustic Version)
“Telepathic” (Acoustic Version)
“Starlight” (Acoustic Version)
“Ricochet” (Acoustic Version)
“Satellite” (Acoustic Version)
“Love You to Death”
“Telepathic” (Not Your Dope Remix)
“Satellite” (TRAILS Remix)



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