AC/DC Coins Struck By Lightning to Be Released in Honor of 45th Anniversary


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

AC/DC coins struck by man-made lightning with a Tesla coil are being created in the band’s home country of Australia

Hard rockers AC/DC are coming up on their 45th anniversary, and the band’s home country of Australia is celebrating the milestone with a special commemorative coin, which, indeed, is “Thunderstruck.” In other words, they were struck by lightning.

Ten of the 30,000 coins that are being made were struck by 3.5 million volts of man-made lightning with a Tesla coil. That lightning bolt results in the coin having a special mark that is only visible under magnification. Those who look closely with magnification will see the phrase, “45 Years of Thunder.”

“AC/DC is famous for their electrifying energy. It’s in their music, the titles of some of their songs, even their insignia,” Royal Australian Mint Chief executive officer Ross MacDiarmid said in a statement. “The Mint thought that such an iconic band deserved high voltage coins and an electrifying launch to match.”

Those who snag a coin will also be able to use it as actually cash, but only worth 50 cents if used that way.

The special, electrified coins will be given out to 10 random AC/DC fans who order the coin via the Royal Australian Mint’s website. Right now, the coins are only available to Australian and New Zealand customers, so “Those About to Rock” outside of those areas will have to wait and see if they reach any other countries.

In other AC/DC news, rumors are swirling that AC/DC band members — including Angus Young, Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd — are working on new AC/DC music. That would be huge, as Johnson had to withdraw himself from AC/DC’s last tour, due to hearing treatment. More news on the fresh tunes is expected to be revealed in 2019.



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