New Years Day: ‘Skeletons’ is About ‘Wanting to Know All the Parts of Someone’


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Ash Costello says New Years Days’ new song, “Skeletons” is about “wanting to know all the parts of someone, even the parts they deem to be negative”

New Years Day are gearing up to release a new studio album, and although the California rockers don’t have a release date yet, they’re giving fans a taste of what’s ahead. Frontwoman Ash Costello and company have released a new song, called “Skeletons,” off the upcoming album, which is set to arrive in spring 2019.

“I have been working for over a year, constantly writing new music. We want everyone to know that a new wave of music will be coming to you soon and I thought our new song ‘Skeletons’ would be a great intro to the new world of my band, New Years Day,” Costello said in a statement. “More than anything, I wanted the era of New Years Day to be rock that is also fun to listen to.”

As for the meaning behind “Skeletons,” Costello describes it as being “about wanting to know all the parts of someone, even the parts they deem to be negative. It’s saying that when you are into someone, you’re into all of them, and want to love the dark in them as well as the light. It’s a fun rock song with a heavy riff intro, a bouncy lead vocal line, and a soaring chorus.”

If “Skeletons” sounds like a love song to you, there’s a reason. Costello got engaged to her boyfriend Jimmy Trigger in March of this year, and both Costello and Trigger’s Instagram feeds feature plenty of photos of the happy couple.

In other news, New Years Day will return to the road with Halestorm and In This Moment beginning with a show Friday (Nov. 16) in Norfolk, Virginia, and running through a Dec. 16 stop in Saint Petersburg, Florida. For information on the run, head to New Years Day’s official website.



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