Of Mice & Men Address Bullying in ‘How to Survive’


Story by Charles Ken

Listen to Of Mice & Men’s new song, “How to Survive,” which carries an empowering anti-bullying theme

Of Mice & Men has released a new song called “How to Survive,” which features a positive anti-bullying theme. The song is available now for digital download and streaming via YouTube.

“‘How to Survive’ is an anthem for those who have been the receiving end of unmerited and targeted hatred and abuse,” singer and bass player Aaron Pauley said in a statement. 

He added, “It’s for the kid who was bullied, beat up, and ignored in school. It’s for the teenager who was told that they’ll never amount to anything and that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions don’t matter to the world. It’s for the person who has been told that they’re worthless, useless, or not good enough, time and time again. It’s for the person who’s repeatedly been targeted by those who only seek to tear others around them down.”

The new song is the first bit of new music the band has released since their 2018 album, “Defy.” Drummer Valentino Arteaga told Audio Ink Radio of the release, “We wanted to make sure that every song was important to the album and hit us in a way that we felt could also speak to the listener. We wrote more than an album’s worth of material, so we dwindled it down with the help of our producer, Howard Benson. He helped us sculpt what the album needed and looked at it from an outside perspective, because we can get super hyper-critical about our music. I think with this album, we wanted to make sure every song was a pillar and something that would continue to hold up the entire structure.”

Of Mice & Men will kick off a tour with Nothing More starting Feb. 21 in Phoenix, Arizona. They’re also scheduled to hit the road with Beartooth in April.



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