Tool Bassist Justin Chancellor Describes Lengthy ‘Fear Inoculum’ Writing Process


Story by Cat Badra, promo photo by Tim Cadiente

Justin Chancellor of Tool says the writing process for “Fear Inoculum” had a few frustrating moments, but nothing the guys couldn’t conquer

There’s no question that Tool’s follow-up to 2006’s “10,000 Days” took more time than many fans expected, and now, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor is shedding some light on just why it took a while. Speaking with Australia’s Tone Deaf, Chancellor discusses the songwriting process for the new album, describing it as frustrating but also full of respect.

When asked if he ever worried about whether Tool actually release a new album, Chancellor responded, “Absolutely.”

“I would say it was never a real threat, but more out of frustration,” he said in the interview. “There were some dead ends we went down, and I’m talking working on stuff for a year or two, and then getting really frustrated — whether it’s one person wants (the song) to go one way or another, or just differences of opinions about the vibe of it, the specifics of it. We had those moments where we really had to step back and take a break from each other and then seriously wonder whether we were ever going to get through it. But somehow, we really know how rare and perfect our situation is. We really respect it.”

He added, “We know we’re not just going to step out and step into something else of similarity. So I think everybody really values what we have, and will always come back to that place and give it another go and really try and keep it together.”

Tool will release their highly-anticipated new album, “Fear Inoculum,” on Aug. 30.



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