Nita Strauss Is Writing Her Next Solo Album On the Road


Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Nita Strauss is already writing and recording for her follow-up to 2018’s “Controlled Chaos”

Nita Strauss has been busy touring as Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist, but that doesn’t meant she’s taking a break from her solo music. Speaking with Heavy1 TV, Strauss says that he has started to work on the follow-up to her debut solo album, “Controlled Chaos,” which arrived last year.

“I wrote the majority of ‘Controlled Chaos’ while I was on the previous Alice Cooper tour, so I’m falling right back into the pattern of writing my album on days off,” she said (via Blabbermouth). “I’ve got my Pro Tools rig out here, so I’m just writing and recording. And we’ll do some more clinics, do some more solo touring, do some more touring with Alice, and then I’m hopeful for a second album release in late 2020.”

Strauss didn’t sing on “Controlled Chaos,” as it was a guitar-driven album, and that trend will continue on her next solo record. When asked if she would sing on the upcoming album, Strauss said, “No. I want people to enjoy it. So I’m not gonna sing.”

Strauss told Audio Ink in a recent interview that Cooper is “extremely supportive” of her solo career and of the career’s of everyone in his band.

“Everybody has side projects, and we’re all very lucky that the Alice Cooper camp is so incredibly supportive in all aspects of what we do,” she said. “They’ll post (our projects) on social media, and Alice has done guest appearances on some of the other guys’ albums. It’s really a blessing for us, because he doesn’t have to do any of that. He could say, “When you’re in my band, you’re in my band. If you want to do your own stuff, you’re on your own,” and we’re really lucky that he’s not like that.”



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