Edsel Dope Denies Rumors He is Static-X’s Mystery Singer


Static-X – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Jeremy Saffer

Edsel Dope is telling fans that he is not Static-X’s masked singer, Xer0, but some fans don’t believe it

Dope frontman Edsel Dope is denying the rumors that he is Static-X’s secret, masked singer.

Last week, Danish metal site Metal a Day posted a photo of Xer0, the mystery Static-X vocalist, alongside Dope, showing that they both have a quite similar-looking neck tattoo. For months now, rumors were already out there that Dope was the mystery man behind the Xer0 mask, and Dope has been touring with Static-X on their 20th anniversary Wisconsin Death Trip and Wayne Static memorial tour, adding to that speculation.

In a Facebook post from Dope, the singer calls the whole idea that he is Xer0 “click bait and hilarious.” He also made the point that Photoshop and make almost anything seems real, posting some altered photos featuring the same tattoo on the necks of celebrities, such as Tom Brady and Elvis Presley.

Dope goes on to criticize “trolls” who “spew their ignorant, hateful words towards something that is so incredibly personal.” He adds, “Anyone with the nerve to throw virtual tomatoes at a traveling memorial, that has been orchestrated and supported by the family, loved ones, and long-time friends of the deceased should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.”

While not outright stating that he is not Xer0, Dope also posts a photo of himself at the side of the stage watching Static-X perform with Xer0. However, a lot of fans think that photo is Photoshopped.

Static-X will be back in the U.S. in November for a few round of tour dates. Dope will be on that tour.



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