Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala to Commemorate 10th Anniversary of His Death


Dio album art – Story by Charles Ken

Ronnie James Dio will be remembered on the 10 anniversary of his death with a special memorial gala

Metal icon Ronnie James Dio passed away 10 years ago next year, and Dio’s Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund will present a special memorial gala next year in honor of his memory. Dio, who is considered one of the greatest metal vocalists of his generation, passed away in May of 2010 of stomach cancer. He was 67.

Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala is set for Feb. 20 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles and will features a bevy of live performances, memorabilia auctions and a raffle.

The evening will feature “the amazing vocals and visuals of Ronnie James Dio” as live entertainment, according to a press release, with a backing back comprised of Dio band members Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Scott Warren and Bjorn Englen. Former Judas Priest vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens will also be part of the live entertainment.

In addition to the live entertainment, the gala will offer an awards show and recognize those who “played a role in…Dio’s legacy” or helped with the Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, which was created shortly after Dio passed away.

Each of the awards being given out are named after Dio’s most popular songs, including the Holy Diver Award, the Killing the Dragon Award and the Rainbow in the Dark Award. For additional information about the Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala, visit



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