One Hundred Thousand Releases New Song, ‘Taurus’


One Hundred Thousand – Story by Charles Ken, courtesy photo

New Jersey’s One Hundred Thousand has released a new prog-rock tune called “Taurus” off their upcoming album, “Zodiac”

New Jersey-based prog rock group One Hundred Thousand is coming up on the release of a new concept album named “Zodiac,” and as the name implies, the record has songs named after the different zodiac signs. The band recently released the debut single off their upcoming concept album, a proggy tune called “Aries,” and now, the band is back with another new bit of new music.

One Hundred Thousand’s latest song, “Taurus,” just dropped, marking the second song off “Zodiac.” Listen to the epic rock number below.

“Taurus was one of the first few tracks completed for ‘Zodiac,'” One Hundred Thousand drummer Kurt Wübbenhorst told Audio Ink, “but it was really the first one where we realized that this record was kind of writing itself.”

“To embody Taurus, the Bull, we wanted to make this song as visceral as possible. We wanted to make this song sound like it was smashing through your walls, through your speakers, and not giving up until everything is rubble,” he added.

One Hundred Thousand finished up recording sessions for “Zodiac” late last year. The release date for the new album has been pushed back due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but the band is slowly releasing individual songs off the set.

The group plans to tour to promote “Zodiac” when coronavirus restrictions are lifted.



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