Jacob Cade of The BRKN on ‘Be Cool’ and Life During Lockdown


Jacob Cade of The BRKN joins Audio Ink Radio to discuss the band's new song, "Be Cool."

The BRKN – Story by Anne Erickson, courtesy photo

Jacob Cade of alt-rock band The BRKN joins Audio Ink Radio to discuss the band’s new song, “Be Cool,” and why he’s excited for 2021

On the heels of their new EP, “No. 3,” The BRKN were looking ahead to a major 2020, filled with live shows. When coronavirus (COVID-19), those plans got pushed into 2021, but the good news is the band had time to work on new music.

Now, the band has released those new jams with a song called, “Be Cool.” The song, appropriately, sounds very “cool,” with light, upbeat dance vibes and a catchy, pop-rock hook.

Jacob Cade from The BRKN checked in with Audio Ink Radio to discuss “Be Cool,” the state of alternative music and how things are shaking out for the band during this crazy year. Read the full interview below.

Audio Ink Radio: Congratulations on your new EP, “No. 3,” and the new song, “Be Cool.” When it comes to the EP, what was it like releasing new music right when coronavirus was starting to take hold? 

Jacob Cade: It honestly was garbage at first. We were so excited to be out on the road touring with new music and getting our name out to kids who don’t even know we exist. But, at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason, and now, we’re working on what I believe is much better material than we’ve done before, so I’m thankful for that. As far as releasing music now, it is a struggle. No tours means it all must be online promotion, and for a smaller band like us, it’s hard to get through most times. But, we’re hopeful for 2021.

I heard that the EP “No. 3” was named in honor of your grandfather. Will you please elaborate on that?

Absolutely! So, long story short, my grandfather played professional soccer in Mexico and wore No.3. Everyone in my family who played anything after that wore No. 3, and it sort of became a mark of honor for our family. This being the first piece of material from a band that I believe I will be in for the rest of my lifek it felt fitting to label it as such.

Do you come from a musical family?

Not really, actually! The only other person in my family who plays is my dad, which is where I think I got the bug from, but no, I wouldn’t say I come from a musical family. It’s always kind of been my thing.

You recently followed up the EP with a new song, “Be Cool.” Was the song recorded during the coronavirus lockdown, and if so, how did that influence it?

Yeah! We’re real stoked about that one. It was, in fact, recorded during Covid season, but it was great, because we suddenly had all the time in the world to work on it. There was no real deadline or anything, because we had nowhere else to be! So, I think it ultimately made it better.

“Be Cool” has such a great, upbeat alt-rock sound. When you listen back, what makes you most proud about this song?

Honestly, what makes me most proud is that it’s a pop song that has the vibe we were envisioning for it almost exactly. We wanted to kind of start the path for the type of band we want to become with this song, which I think we did. We’re very proud of it and the reception it’s gotten from our fans! To this date, probably, it’s my favorite song we’ve ever put out.

What have you been doing to stay busy during the coronavirus lockdown?

Just literally been working on music and making music videos that will be coming out very soon! Aside from that, the boys and I have been building a studio and a whole new live rig for when touring starts coming back around in 2021. It’s been fun! A bit grueling, but it will be worth it.

What are your thoughts on the alternative music scene today? 

I love a lot of music that’s coming out right now! I think it’s amazing and so full of passion, just because people are so heated and have something to say. Though at the moment, I’ve been on a constant loop of The 1975, Black Bear, Michael Jackson, and Prince, so I may be biased a little bit to speaking about the whole scene.

What’s next for The BRKN? I know it’s hard to look ahead, when it comes to touring, but is anything in the works?

We have a touring scheduled in 2021 with Dollskin, which we are beyond excited for. As for anything else, that’s it right now for tours, but as far as music is concerned, we’ve got a new EP we just recorded about a month ago coming out very soon. So, stay on the lookout for that. We’re really proud of ourselves with these tunes and excited for all to hear. Remember everybody follow us on all the social media’s Instagram, Facebook, Spotify etc. at @thebrkn and go stream “Be Cool” a billion times for us.