Alter Bridge Release New Song, ‘Last Rites’


Listen to Alter Bridge's new song, "Last Rites," which will appear on the band's "Walk the Sky 2.0" EP.

Alter Bridge – Story by Charles Ken, courtesy photo

Listen to Alter Bridge’s new song, “Last Rites,” which will appear on the band’s “Walk the Sky 2.0” EP

Alter Bridge will release their new EP, “Walk the Sky 2.0,” this Friday (Nov. 6), and the set features a new track, “Last Rites,” in addition to a handful of live songs recorded during the latest leg of the band’s Walk the Sky tour

Now, Alter Bridge has unleashed the official lyric video for the new song, “Last Rites,” which can be viewed below. The video features a dark, mysterious fortune teller looking into the future based on the lyrics from “Last Rites.”

“Last Rites” was born during the sessions for Alter Bridge’s latest studio album, 2019’s “Walk the Sky.” Band mates Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips had shelved the song, but after canceling their full 2020 touring schedule due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the band decided to release a new live album featuring one new, original song, and “Last Rites” seemed like the perfect pick.

“Last Rites” is available now via all the major streaming partners. Check back for a full interview with Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips via Audio Ink Radio this week.

For more on “Walk the Sky 2.0,” including the different configuration in which the collection is available, go here.



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