Five Finger Death Punch Has Gone ‘Through the Storms to Get to the Sunshine’

Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Earlier this year, Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody took a break from playing shows on the band’s European tour to deal with alcohol problems. Fast-forward to today, and Moody is back with Five Finger Death Punch and sounding than ever, both playing live shows and working on a new album with the guys. Bass player Chris Kael says the rough patch with Moody just made Five Finger Death Punch that much stronger.

“You know, they always talk about having to go through the storms to get to the sunshine and the rainbows, and I think that’s definitely happened,” Kael said in an interview with FaceCulture. “One of the things that happened just the other day is… It sounds silly on a certain level, but we all, after a show, usually split — everybody goes in their general different directions.”

Kael added, “But a couple of times on this tour, we’ve all had dinner together after the show, and everyone is getting along. Once you get that one terrible, negative element of addiction out of there, it makes everything else kind of fall into place and makes us the band that we are at the end of the day, finally.”

So, what makes Moody such a fantastic, irreplaceable vocalist? “I really don’t know,” Kael said. “It’s his delivery, his ability to speak to everyone directly and kind of a creative ambiguity where it allows people to kind of read into lyrics as well. So he’s great at what he does. It’s great to be able to, as a back-up vocalist too, to be able to have that dude up there with that incredible voice and me be able to sing along behind him and support him up there as well. The dude’s incredible. The whole thing’s incredible right now. It really feels good to be in a band.”

Publication date: January 4, 2018



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