Image of Paul McCartney in the studio.

5 of the Greatest Classic Rock Personalities

From Robert Plant to Paul McCartney, here are five of the greatest classic rock personalities of all time.
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Posted 26 Oct 2023 | Features, Music, Rock | -
Mick Mars of Motley Crue

Going Inside the Biggest Year for Hair Metal: 1985

Go down memory lane with this look at what many consider the biggest year for hair metal: 1985.
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Posted 24 Oct 2023 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Artwork for Led Zeppelin III

The Story of Led Zeppelin, ‘Immigrant Song’

Let’s delve into the story behind the classic and enduring “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.
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Posted 22 Oct 2023 | Features, Interviews, Metal, Music, Rock | -
Image of the metal band Slipknot

It’s Halloween Every Day for These Legendary Bands

These rock and metal bands keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round, from the Misfits to Rob Zombie to Slipknot.
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Posted 21 Oct 2023 | Features, Metal, Music, Rock | -
Metal band Iron Maiden with a black and orange background.

How Iron Maiden Became One of the Biggest Metal Bands on the Planet

Here’s the story of Iron Maiden and how they became one of the biggest metal bands in the world. Read on for the rich history.
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Posted 19 Oct 2023 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Image of industrial metal band Static-X.

Static-X, Interview: Tony Campos Discusses the Band’s Future

Static-X Interview: Tony Campos discusses the band’s future post-Wayne Static
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Posted 18 Oct 2023 | Features, Interviews, Metal, Music, Rock | -
Punk music icon Iggy Pop.

The Story of How Punk Music Formed

Let’s go inside the story of punk music and its historical origins.
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Posted 14 Oct 2023 | Alternative, Features, Music, Rock | -
John Corabi image

John Corabi, Interview – The State of Rock, Benefit Show and More

John Corabi, Interview: The legendary rocker discusses an upcoming cancer benefit show, the state of rock music and more.
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Posted 12 Oct 2023 | Features, Interviews, Music, Rock | -
Image of shock rocker Alice Cooper standing against a beige background.

10 Greatest Metal Halloween Songs

Audio Ink Radio presents its tally of the greatest metal Halloween songs of all time.
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Posted 11 Oct 2023 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Image of Judas Priest singer Rob Halford and guitarist Richie Faulkner performing live.

5 Reasons to Be Excited for the New Judas Priest Album

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the 19th studio album from Judas Priest, “Invincible Shield.”
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Posted 08 Oct 2023 | Features, Metal, Music | -
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