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10 Songs That Put You in a Good Mood, According to Experts

Experts and music psychologists say there are certain songs that put you in a good mood. Here are 10 of those songs.
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Posted 09 Apr 2024 | Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Musician Billie Eilish in darkness.

Billie Eilish Announces New Album, ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’

The Billie Eilish new album news that fans have been waiting for is here. The singer’s new album, “Hit Me Hard and Soft,” will arrive on May 17.
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Posted 08 Apr 2024 | Alternative, Music, Rock News | -
Metallica performing in Detroit, Michigan.

10 Best Metal Albums of the ’90s

In honor of the great metal that came out in what was otherwise the flannel decade, here are 10 of the best metal albums of the ’90s.
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Posted 06 Apr 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

A New Nine Inch Nails Album is Coming

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have dopped the news that new Nine Inch Nails album is coming. Here’s what to expect.
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Posted 05 Apr 2024 | Alternative, Music, Rock | -
A photo of rock band Tool.

Maynard Says the Songs Are There for a New Tool Album

Maynard James Keenan is discussing why the new Tool album is taking a while to put together. He’s also giving fans hope.
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Posted 03 Apr 2024 | Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Kirk Hammett of the metal band Metallica performing live.

Heavy Metal Lyrics Are the ‘Least Repetitive,’ Study Finds

Heavy metal lyrics are the “least repetitive” of all musical genres, a new study states. Here’s how all the musical genres rank.
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Posted 02 Apr 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -
Sebastian Bach. In this story, he talks about a Skid Row reunion.

Sebastian Bach Gives Hope for a Skid Row Reunion

For years, fans really had no hope of a Skid Row reunion. But, in a new interview, former vocalist Sebastian Bach says he wants it.
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Posted 01 Apr 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Black and white image of Nirvana

Musicians Who Hate Their Own Songs

Musicians don’t always love their own music, even though they created it. In fact, there are a handful of musicians who hate their own songs.
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Posted 31 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Features, Grunge, Music, Rock | -
Beyonce posing with a cowboy hat. This is a Beyonce review of "Cowboy Carter."

Beyonce Review: Her Gospel Take on The Beatles, ‘Blackbird’

Beyonce review: The gamed Beyonce has released a new country album, “Cowboy Carter,” and it features a cover of The Beatles classic “Blackbird.”
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Posted 29 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -
Tool band photo standing outside.

Tool: Danny Carey, Maynard Reveal Favorite Songs

What are band members’ favorite Tool songs? Drummer Danny Carey and vocalist Maynard James Keenan name their picks.
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Posted 28 Mar 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
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