Kirk Hammett of the metal band Metallica performing live.

Heavy Metal Lyrics Are the ‘Least Repetitive,’ Study Finds

Heavy metal lyrics are the “least repetitive” of all musical genres, a new study states. Here’s how all the musical genres rank.
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Posted 02 Apr 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -
Sebastian Bach. In this story, he talks about a Skid Row reunion.

Sebastian Bach Gives Hope for a Skid Row Reunion

For years, fans really had no hope of a Skid Row reunion. But, in a new interview, former vocalist Sebastian Bach says he wants it.
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Posted 01 Apr 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Black and white image of Nirvana

Musicians Who Hate Their Own Songs

Musicians don’t always love their own music, even though they created it. In fact, there are a handful of musicians who hate their own songs.
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Posted 31 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Features, Grunge, Music, Rock | -
Beyonce posing with a cowboy hat. This is a Beyonce review of "Cowboy Carter."

Beyonce Review: Her Gospel Take on The Beatles, ‘Blackbird’

Beyonce review: The gamed Beyonce has released a new country album, “Cowboy Carter,” and it features a cover of The Beatles classic “Blackbird.”
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Posted 29 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -
Tool band photo standing outside.

Tool: Danny Carey, Maynard Reveal Favorite Songs

What are band members’ favorite Tool songs? Drummer Danny Carey and vocalist Maynard James Keenan name their picks.
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Posted 28 Mar 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
An orchestra playing music that will help you sleep.

This Free Playlist is Designed to Help You Sleep

Mattress brand Emma has released an album that has been composed just to help you sleep. Listen to the playlist here.
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Posted 27 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Music, Rock News | -
Original photo of Korn standing for a posed photo.

Korn Tour Dates with Gojira and Spiritbox Announced

Korn tour dates: Korn are looking at a busy 2024, as the legendary nu-metal band has announced a full slate of fall North American tour dates.
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Posted 26 Mar 2024 | Music, Rock, Rock News | -
The Pretty Reckless

AC/DC Announce The Pretty Reckless as Support for Reunion Tour

AC/DC, The Pretty Reckless tour: Taylor Momsen and company will open as direct support on the U.K. and European dates of AC/DC’s 2024 trek.
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Posted 26 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Grunge, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
A woman working out and wearing a black yogo outfit.

These Songs Could Help You Lose Weight, Study Says

It sounds too good to be true, but the research is there that there are certain songs that could help you lose weight.
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Posted 25 Mar 2024 | Alternative, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Kurt Cobain "Time" magazine special cover, in black and white.

If You Have This Music Memorabilia, It Could Be Worth a Lot

If you’re a music fan, chances are you have some entertainment and music memorabilia. Some music memorabilia could be worth a lot.
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Posted 23 Mar 2024 | Music, Rock, Rock News | -
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