Pop Evil: We Set Out to be a Touring Band


Story by Cat Badra

Pop Evil prep for tour with 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman

Michigan-bred hard rock band Pop Evil are road warriors. The gentlemen have been on tour for nearly five years straight, and they’re set to go out on another jaunt this fall, opening for 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman. It adds up to a lot of time away from home, but that’s okay with Pop Evil.

“In this day and age, a band of our caliber can’t afford not to tour,” guitarist Tony Greve told the Jacksonville Music Examiner. ‘I mean, there are so many people out there who still haven’t heard our music. The ultimate goal for us is having songs out there that are going to touch and affect people’s lives, because ultimately nothing can do that the way that music can.”

Playing live is everything to Pop Evil. After all, they went into the business of rock to be out on the road and share their music. “We set out to be a touring band – that was our goal,” Greve said. “We absolutely love being on the road. When you give up that spot, there will always be someone there to replace you, so it’s very important to stay on your game. As rock ‘n’ roll fans we’ve always loved going to live shows, so to be able to tour and give back to rock ‘n’ roll, for the memories that rock ‘n’ roll has given us, is absolutely amazing.”

Read Audio Ink Radio’s review of Pop Evil’s latest single, “Monster You Made,” on the reviews page. For a band that hit their first round of national success singing the brawny and hard-hitting, “Hero,” the softened, vulnerable “Monster You Made” shows the guys have a broad dynamic to their sound. The song comes of the band’s latest LP, War of Angels. Find a complete list of tour dates for Pop Evil’s trek with 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman, here.




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