Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde on Believing in Santa as a Kid


Story by Anne Erickson

Guitar hero Zakk Wylde says his folks always gave him a killer Christmas

Zakk Wylde would make a killer Santa Claus, wouldn’t he? As it turns out, as much as the Black Label Society six-stringer loves Christmas, he has yet to don a red and white fluffy hat and play Santa with the kids.

“No, I haven’t done that yet,” Wylde told Ultimate Guitar. “We’ve never done that but we’ve done stuff for the kids where they’ll put out carrots and vegetables and stuff like that for the reindeer. Where like me and you will just munch on the stuff and the kids will come out in the morning and they’ll go, ‘Oh, my God, the reindeer at them!’ Then I’ll take my Rottweiler Dorian who’s like 150 pounds and I’ll take his footprints and put ’em outside the house and everything so it’s like there were reindeer all over the place.

“I mean, Barb [Wylde’s wife] clued ’em in, ’cause now the kids are in college but they were like, ‘I can’t believe dad did that all those years ago.’ We got ’em all the time with that.”

Wylde added that he absolutely believed in Santa Claus when he was a little tyke! “Yeah, of course, man,” he said, when asked the question. “It’s awesome. My parents always made sure we had killer Christmases. And being a parent now it’s always awesome with the kids and everything like that. We always made sure that whatever stuff they had, every Christmas ’cause they’re getting new stuff, we’d always go down to Goodwill and give tons of this stuff that they had laying around over the years back to the kids.”

What was his favorite gift as a kiddie? “I remember at one point I really wanted the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ doll,” he laughed. “”It was over at my grandmother’s and my aunt’s; they were the ones that had it ’cause they knew I wanted that thing the most. We went over to grandma’s and they said, ‘Santa left something here for you.’ I opened it up and I just went ballistic because I had my ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ doll.”




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