Green Day Pose for John Varvatos Spring / Summer Campaign


Story by Cat Badra

Green Day model clothing for John Varvatos

Kiddies across the globe have long looked to Green Day to help create their own punk-y, anti-establishment clothing style. In that tradition, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool have signed on for fashion label John Varvatos’ Spring / Summer 2012 campaign. Past rock stars to have joined up with Varvatos include Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and the Roots, so Green Day are in worthy company.

It’s safe to say the Green Day-Varvatos collaboration is a match made in punk heaven, as Varvatos sets up shop in the former location of famed punk club CBGB in New York City. Trendy photographer Denny Clinch shoots the campaign, which has the alternative band modeling the edgy clothing on crossbeams over New York City’s skyline. Flashy leather and classic denim make up the band’s casual-but-stylish look.

Stephen Niedzweicki — creative director of Yard, which is the organization that worked with Varvatos on the new campaign — described the campaign to WWD: “We were moved by ‘Man on Wire,’ where a man traverses a tightrope illegally rigged between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, 110 stories up. It’s portrayed in such an inspiring and beautiful way, but there’s so much danger and rebellion involved. It’s also incredibly rock ‘n’ roll to go to any lengths to have the best view of New York City — and to be so high.” Check out the chic photos on Varvatos’ official website, and watch the official promo video — featuring Green Day’s famous three-chord riffs and D.I.Y. punk energy resulting in a true alternative addiction — below.

Watch Green Day Model John Varvatos’ Spring / Summer Line:




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