Lady Gaga Says She’s a Big Fan of Def Leppard


Story by Charles Ken

Pop star has an unlikely musical influence in Def Leppard

The boys of Def Leppard will surely be stoked to hear the news that Lady Gaga is one of their biggest fans. The “Born This Way” pop star recently told the U.K.’s Sun that much of her music is influenced by the British ‘80s rock group.

Gaga got addicted to Def Leppard tunes thanks to her dad, Joe, who used to play their vinyl to the entire family in New Jersey when she was a little tyke. “With my music, there’s lots of really big Def Leppard-style melodies in the choruses, but it’s electronic dance music,” Gaga said. “I’d call it avant-garde techno rock. It is very hard and very edgy. There are a lot of rock influences on the album but not that it is rock music.”

Gaga added that she strives to create a new genre with her pop music– one that brings together the heavy metal of bands such as Leppard with a dance-oriented vision. “It is an exploration of electronic music and techno songs but I have created a genre of metal/dance/techno/rock/pop music with a lot of anthemic choruses, because that is actually the music I love,” she said.

Gaga is so enthralled with Leppard that she even recruited the group’s longtime producer Mutt Lance to help tweak the sounds of her track, “You and I.”

Previously, Gaga had revealed that she’s also fond classic rockers Alice Cooper, Elton John, Tony Bennett and Bruce Springsteen, so the Def Leppard assertion isn’t entirely a surprise. Do you hear Def Leppard in Gaga’s sugary pop songs?




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