The Used’s Bert McCracken Explains New Single, ‘I Come Alive’


Story by Charles Ken

The Used’s latest song is about ‘falling down and picking yourself back up’

The Used have always been one of the few alternative bands to go a bit more scream-o and hardcore without getting away for their indie, alt-rock roots. Now, lead vocalist Bert McCracken and the rest of the Salt Lake City crew are readying their first independent release, “Vulnerable,” and they’re keep their music as honest and true to themselves as ever.

The album’s first single, “I Come Alive,” is a fireball of emotion buoyed by McCracken’s wide vocal range. Lyrically, McCracken says the track is about facing adversity.

When asked about the pick for first single, McCracken explained to Noisecreep, “The song is, ‘I Come Alive,’ and it’s really about … falling down and picking yourself back up. I think that life is about successes and failures, and if we take the successes and failures all with the same amount of importance then it helps us become the people we are. There’s no success without failure along the way.”

“Vulnerable” is set to reach stores and online March 27 via the Used’s own record label, Anger Music Group, with distribution through Hopeless Record.

As for his new role as a business man and starting up a whole new label, McCracken says he’s enjoyed delving into the business side of things. But, the Used’s music is still his main focus. “For now, I’ve just been concentrating on the music,” he said. “I’m excited about the fact that we’re putting out our own record. No one can tell us anything. It is exactly what we want it to be, so that’s super exciting.

“But in the future, I’d like to venture into tons of different areas of art. I’d like to start a little clothing line with a good friend of mine. Maybe, hopefully, someday, open up a restaurant and that could be all-inclusive to Anger Management, as well through the Music Group. Who knows? But I think keeping it this broad and vague is perfect for what we’re trying to go for because the possibilities are endless at this point.”




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