Alice in Chains Fans to Sing on 10th Anniversary of Layne Staley’s Death


Story by Cat Badra

Sing for Layne plans celebration in honor of Layne Staley

Has it really been 10 years since the world lost Alice in Chains and Mad Season singer Layne Staley? It’s true: April 5 marks the 10th anniversary of Staley’s tragic death, a day when the world lost yet another talented rock frontman far too prematurely.

Staley left a legacy of soul and raw expression via his music, and in honor of Staley, the folks at are getting together to sing on his birthday. The group posted a note on their official website explaining the concept behind the gathering: “He sang for us, now we will sing for him. It will be ten years since the passing of singer Layne Staley, and to mark this anniversary and honor his life, we’re calling for all fans, new and old, to join us on the eve of April 5th to sing back to the man that gave us his everything… What better way to express our appreciation for what he gave us and continues to give us than to sing his own words back to him?”

The site also explains how to participate: “Simple enough– just show up here at 9 P.M. EST on April 5th and sing with us. We’ll be broadcasting live via webcam. We’ll also have a limited number of webcams available for those who’d like to broadcast alongside us.” For more details, fans may visit Sing for Layne’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts or simply keep checking the site as April 5 approaches.




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