Alter Bridge ‘Live at Wembley’ DVD Update from Director


Story by Cat Badra

Alter Bridge’s upcoming DVD will arrive March 26

Fans are counting down the hours until Alter Bridge’s DVD, “Live at Wembley,” hits retail outlets on March 26. The set packs high-octane footage from one of Alter Bridge’s most mammoth shows ever: headlining Wembley Arena in London, England, in November of 2011. It’s the kind of gig that makes every rock band salivate.

Alter Bridge director Daniel E Catullo oversaw directing duties for the video, and he’s no stranger to Alter Bridge, as Catullo also worked on the band’s video releases for “Live from Amsterdam,” “Isolation” and more.

In a post on Alter Bridge’s official website, Catullo dropped more details on the upcoming DVD, which is slated to arrive in 2D in March and in 3D this summer. “The worldwide release is now scheduled for all territories (U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia) for March 26, 2012,” he posted. “The U.S. and Canada moved to be in line with the rest of the world, rather than release on the 27th.

“In the U.S., the DVD will not be available at Target or Walmart. However, Best Buy and all other retailers will be carrying it…, “ the post goes on to explain. “If you order on Amazon now, not only will you get an additional three bonus audio tracks, your product will be on your doorstep on release day. As we get more detailed release information, we will forward it on to you. We still do not have distribution set up in South America or Asia, but are diligently working on it.” In other big-gig news, Alter Bridge recently wrapped up a high-profile gig at Soundwave in Australia.




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