Eye Empire’s Donald Carpenter Names Favorite ‘Moment of Impact’ Track


Story by Anne Erickson

Eye Empire singer: ‘We enjoy every track we end up putting out’

Hard-hitting rock band Eye Empire are building a fanbase the real way– by playing show after show and hitting city after city until everyone has heard their towering message. The supergroup of Submersed vocalist Donald Carpenter, Texas Hippie Coalition drummer Ryan Bennett and Dark New Day bass player Corey Lowery and guitarist B.C. Kochmit are currently out supporting their just-released album, “Moment of Impact,” which shows the band’s aptitude for mixing beautiful melodies with persisting guitar riffing and soloing.

When asked to name his favorite song off “Moment of Impact,” Carpenter hesitated. “That’s hard! We try to write the stuff that we’re going to like in general, so we enjoy every track we end up putting out,” he said. “’Feel Like I’m Falling’ is a track that’s personal to me. It’s one of those songs that tells my story, as far as where I was when Corey and Brad came into my life and gave me this opportunity.”

Following Eye Empire’s club tour, the guys plan to keep extremely busy right up until the end of 2012. “We’ll be writing and recording nonstop regardless of being on the road, because we have to keep ourselves conditioned in that area,” Carpenter said. “So, we’ll definitely be writing our new record while touring this entire year. Our focus is to gradually grow the club level and headlining level, while jumping into bigger tours. Our big focus is to build enough momentum and buzz to cross the sea and eventually play Europe.”