Rush Limbaugh Asked to Stop Playing Rush’s Music on Radio Show


Story by Anne Erickson

Rockers Rush ‘furious’ at the discovery conservative talk show host regularly airs their tracks

Canadian rock greats Rush have sent a cease-and-desist letter to right wing talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh insisting that he stop using their music on his radio show immediately. Rush, the band, were reportedly “furious” when they discovered Rush Limbaugh was playing their song “The Spirit of Radio” while he made inflammatory remarks about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke last week, reports TMZ. The band got even angrier when they found out it wasn’t the first time Limbaugh has played their music on his conservative radio show.

Limbaugh reportedly played Rush’s rock ditty “The Spirit of Radio” before and after commercial breaks on his show last week. Blogger Bob Cesca wrote the band to let them know about Limbaugh’s use of their music and has now received a copy of the cease-and-desist notice that was sent to Limbaugh by the band’s attorney. A portion of the letter states, “The use of Rush’s music in this way is an infringement of Rush’s copyrights and trademarks. The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement. There are civil and criminal remedies for copyright infringement, including statutory damages and finest.

“In addition, the use of Rush’s music in this manner implies an endorsement of the views expressed and products advertised on the show, and is in breach of not only copyright and trademark rights, but also, of section 51 of the New York Civil Rights Law. Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush’s music and confirm that you will do so.”